The Martuljek waterfalls

The Martuljek waterfalls are true pearls of the Slovenian Alpine region. Their easy access along the picturesque gorge makes them a popular tourist attraction.

Underneath the rock cliffs is the source of the Martuljek stream which cascades in three stages down the 110 metre high cliff as the Upper Martuljek waterfall. The stream follows its path through a 500 metre long ravine dropping again over the 50 metres high rock face as the Lower Martuljek waterfall onto a 400 metres long but narrow Martuljek canyon carved into lime rock.

The Martuljek mountain range

At Gozd Martuljek, high above the valley, towers the Martuljek or Spik mountain range. In 1949, this region including the Martuljek stream was proclaimed a nature park, and it was incorporated into the Triglav National Park in 1981. 


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