Apartments Grohar
Apartments Grohar
Apartments Grohar
Apartments Grohar
Apartments Grohar
Apartments Grohar
Apartments Grohar
Apartments Grohar

The Apartments Grohar are situated next to the shopping center. We are 6oom from the ski slopes, 300m from the center of the village and 50m from the cross country track. It is an excellent starting point to make a walk to the Jasna lakes or to make an ascent to the Vršič pass (by bike, by car or on foot).


The cycling track is 100m from the apartments and if you turn westward leads to Italy to the Laghi di Fusine, further on to Tarvisio, Pontebba and Udine; in the same direction there is Planica and the Tamar valley; one can get from Tarvisio to Villach and Faaker See (Austria), as well as many other places. If you choose to go eastwards, you get to Mojstrana and to Bled.


A large part of the cycling track is turned into a cross country track in winter.


Our units consist of an apartment house with 3 4-person apartments and a wooden house meant for 5 persons.


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