Apartments Kaja
Apartments Kaja
Apartments Kaja
Apartments Kaja
Apartments Kaja
Apartments Kaja
Apartments Kaja

Just a quick stroll away from the centre of Kranjska Gora You can enjoy your time off and relax as You like it. In the Apartment House Kaja we have all the right ingredients for it. You can choose between six spacious and comfortable apartments and two rooms. Each apartment has a living room and separate bedrooms. Clean and fresh bed linen and bath towels await You and guarantee You will enjoy a deep and comfortable sleep.

The apartments are spacious enough to accommodate even larger families, and therefore You will feel free. In the breakfast room even larger companies can get together and enjoy some good time together.

On warm and beautiful days our lovely garden where You will find the sense of peace, tranquility and freedom, is at your disposal. There’s a small wooden hut and a barbecue grill which you can use to make an impression on your friends and surprise them with your deliciuos barbecue recipes. Everything seems to announce a perfect day of sun and relaxation among your deares people. Now it only depends on you how to live it to the fullest!

Parking spaces are located directly in front of the apartment house. We welcome and appreciate your pets! Your skies and bikes will be kept in a safe place. You need a ride from the airport? Don’t worry, we will gladly take care of that. Just let us know when You arrive!

The Apartment House Kaja is pleased to welcome everybody, families, hikers, bikers, athletes, climbers and all those who are in search of harmony between moments of relaxation and comfort. We wish all the best for You and want to make You feel like home.

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