Apartments Rožle
Apartments Rožle
Apartments Rožle
Apartments Rožle
Apartments Rožle
Apartments Rožle
Apartments Rožle

Situated right in the centre of Kranjska Gora, between Hotel Lek and the turnoff on the main road for Hotel Alpina, is the Rožle apartment House.

Every year numerous guests enjoy spending their summer or winter vacations in a pleasant, homely atmosphere in these apartments, ranging in size to accommodate 2-8 people, and equipped with a kitchen unit and dining alcove, and a bathroom with shower and toilet.

We are proud to have welcomed among our guests many top-ranking sportsmen and sportswomen, and are particularly honoured to welcome the representatives of the Japanese ski-jumping team, who come here during the summer and winter competitions to relax from their sporting endeavours in the pleasant atmosphere of our House.

In order to help you feel fully at ease in our friendly, homely surroundings, we have created a sauna in the basement area.

In our attractively arranged breakfast-room, we can also offer you breakfast according to your choice, as well as snacks for smaller pre-announced groups. There is satellite television in all the apartments. There is also a tourist agency in the house.


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