Apartments Vitranc
Apartments Vitranc
Apartments Vitranc
Apartments Vitranc
Apartments Vitranc

Its position in the immediate vicinity of the ski slopes and the high-standard furnishings and amenities of the apartments are guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding guests. When you wake up in the morning a view of the just 50 meters distant ski slope will open in front of your eyes. The apartments are located in the centre of Kranjska Gora and promise you an unforgettable holiday, even in the summer, enjoying the numerous possibilities for an active holiday available in Kranjska Gora.


Renovated three-star apartments with kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom with 2 or 3 beds, 2 additional fold-out beds, bathroom and balcony. All apartments have cable TV, two refrigerators and a direct telephone line.


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