Camping Kamne
Camping Kamne
Camping Kamne
Camping Kamne
Camping Kamne

In an idyllic alpine resort of two villages Dovje and Mojstrana, ''where mountains shake hands'', is situated the pleasant and peaceful Kamne campsite. Small, family owned camping can accommodate up to 200 guests every night and is open all year. Guests can stay in their tents, caravans, camper vans or hire a bungalow or an apartment house.

Because the camping lies in the immediate vicinity of Triglav National Park and its magnificent glacier valleys of Vrata, Kot and Krma, is the ideal starting point for numerous easy and more demanding outings into the Karavanke and Julian Alps and, most spectacularly, upon the slopes of famous Mount Triglav itself – the symbol of the Slovenian nation and State. You can admire the 2864 m high Mount Triglav and other surrounding mountains of Julian Alps from all the pitches in our campsite. All the necessary information about mountain tours and useful maps are available at the reception in the camping.

For those who find mountain climbing to difficult, there are a lot of possibilities for walking and sightseeing, such as waterfall Pericnik, Triglav's north wall, on the banks of river Sava and on the slopes of Karavanke. Rivers Sava and Bistrica are also appropriate for cayak or canu and for fishing. Fishing licence can be bought at the campsing reception. Guests can also rent mountain bikes or get in touch with a mountain-guide. Recreation facilities include two tennis courts, table tennis and street ball. There is also a picnic place, where guests can make their own barbaque.

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