Sport climbing


Two natural and two artificial walls.


The first natural beauty for beginner climbers is the pleasant ‘Urbas rock’ above the village of Dovje. You can climb the 26 sports climbing and 2 technical directions ranging in height from 12 to 26 meters.

Just above the ‘Urbas rock’ there are the curves of another beauty – ‘Blaščeva skala rocks’. The level of difficulty is very high, but the view from the top is magnificent. Here, you can experience a 80 m adrenaline-packed drop.

You can also climb an artificial rock wall at the village of Gozd Martuljek.




Active mountaineering adventures...


In the Julian Alps, there are about 150 two-thousand-metre peaks, of which 25 reach over 2,500 metres. Of course, the great Triglav northern face is among them.

You can choose between many different directions of various complexity, among which the ‘Sphinx path’ is the most renowned and the most technically demanding. Along the rocky path called the ‘Zlatorog shelves’ you can cross the wall along its entire width of three kilometres.

If you are a less experienced climber, the German and Slovenian directions are more suitable for you.



Logotip Julijske Alpe

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