Planica – a trail through the valley


An interesting educational trail...


Planica is a long, typical glacial valley in the northern part of the Slovenian Julian Alps.

Near Rateče it branches off from the Upper Sava Valley. To the west it is limited by the Ponc ridge and to the east the Mojstrovka and Cipernik mountains rise above it. The upper part of Planica continues in Tamar and Zelje, which is one of the most beautiful gables in the Slovenian Alps, at the end of which rises Mt.Jalovec in its impressive form. During the Pleistocene period, a glacier moved slowly down the slopes of Jalovec and transformed the upper and middle part of the valley. A moraine, which is an accumulation of glacial debris, covers the central ground of the valley.

The characteristics of this landscape are presented along the Trail through the valley.