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The adventure begins here...


“It’s a sunny day. Reclined in a comfortable seat, I put on my headphones and look out into the distance: blue rivers and green forests, as far as the eye can see. I look up and see mountains, majestic grey heights reaching skyward. The sound from my headphones stirs me from my daydream. Then I realize – my dreams have come true. I am here! I have reached my destination: Kranjska Gora.”


Where can you see high mountain peaks reflected in crystal clear lakes? What do ski jumps look like in the summertime, and what can you do at the new Nordic Centre in Planica? Why is Mojstrana a famous meeting place for hikers and mountaineers? Do you know about the Carniolan Siberia?


Are you curious to find the answers to these questions?


Jump on one of our buses and take a trip from Mojstrana to Rateče! Thanks to the bus’ unique panoramic glass roof, you’ll be able to take in the scenery and learn about the cultural and natural heritage, as well as the authentic cuisine of the Upper Sava Valley using the Wi-Fi and a GPS guide available in Slovenian, English, German, and Italian.


Do you only need a ride through the valley? No problem. Come see us at one of our points of sale and get your daily ticket! And because of our quick and efficient hop-on, hop-off system, you can rest assured that you’ll reach your destination.


Help us keep the environment clean and green. Let your car take a rest, join us on one of our daily circular routes. The price? A ticket costs as little as 12.00 EUR, and is free for children under 14.


Route: Kranjska Gora – Gozd Martuljek – SPM – Peričnik Waterfalls – Dovje – Belca – Kranjska Gora – Podkoren – Rateče – NC – Podkoren – Jasna – Kranjska Gora


Unique experience: panoramic roof, Wi-Fi, and a GPS guide in several languages

Price: 12.00 EUR for adults, free for children under 14



The trail includes more than 10 most attractive sights of the Kranjska Gora tourist destination.