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Cycling trails


Do you like cycling in the mountains but crave for more than just an exciting descent from the summit? Perhaps something more adrenaline packed? Cycling trails are an excellent choice. In Kranjska Gora and the surrounding region, you'll find the RobeTwist and KinderSurpsise cycling trails.




Mountain cycling trail Kindersurprise




Do not let the name KinderSurprise fool you, as the descent of the same name is considered the most difficult of all trails within the Drčev rut trail park. To reach the start of the descent, first climb the asphalt road through villages by the lake Jasna that later turns into a dirt road. The descent is categorized as very difficult and starts just before the end of the macadam.


The descent starts over an easy terrain that transitions into a ridge with steep technical sections. The ridge then converts into a moderately difficult section with various “park” elements that make the descent more exciting. Conclude the descent by crossing the stream and meeting up with the dirt road that leads down to the cycling path, and then turn left toward the Kranjska Gora centre.





Mountain cycling trail RobeTwist



This is the first official mountain cycling trail that provides maximum enjoyment for the entire spectrum of mountain bikers. The climb itself is something special, as it constantly rewards us with the view of the Julian Alps. From the beginning, the trail takes us through the picturesque Stan valley, past Podkoren and towards the Wurzen Pass. A little before that, turn right onto a forest road that leads us to a gentle incline on the south side of the western part of the Karavanke ridge. The time spent cycling passes quickly, thanks to the beautiful view of the Julian Alps opening behind Brvoge, where a television tower stands. Keep crossing the slope, corroded by gorges, and observe the grassy strips of the Kranjska Gora ski slopes climbing towards the peak of Mt Vitranc. Just before we reach the Jurež pasture, we take a left turn, which is only 10 minutes away from the start of the descent.


The descent is simply pleasurable, enjoyable by experienced bikers as well as those who still find such routes challenging. As the name RobeTwist suggests, you will twist, lean and bend along the path, slowly descending towards the pastures in Robe. On the entrance and the route itself, there are informative boards laying out the rules of conduct, and warning signs that will help you on your first descent. The trails ends at the Srnjak restaurant in Galerše, where you can enjoy some refreshments and share your experience with friends. The way back to Kranjska Gora follows a macadam road.


Starting point: Tourist Info Centre Kranjska Gora, 810 m a.s.l.

Checkpoint 1: The beginning of the forest road over Poljana, 1029 m a.s.l.

Finishing point: The start of the RobeTwist trail, 1548 m a.s.l.

Total trail length: 18,500 m.


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