The Triglavska Bistrica Trail


Vrata Valley par excellence


Even if you are not planning of conquering any of the peaks which overlook this Alpine valley as guards, the Vrata Valley itself is worth seeing. Take time for a three-hour walk and head along an excellently marked Triglavska Bistrica Trail to the gable of the valley under the Triglav northern wall.

All the way from Ros, the paths and trails continue along the Triglavska Bistrica stream, which springs up in the Vrata Valley and is 10 kilometres long. Follow the typical information boards of the Triglav National Park

Water of the Triglavska Bistrica stream is cold and refreshing. Sit on one of the white stones next to it, take off your shoes and put your tired feet in it, and let your eyes travel through the most beautiful rock faces of the Julian Alps



Logotip Julijske Alpe

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