3. International Culinary Festival Kranjska Gora


Where: Kranjska Gora, Ramada Resort Kranjska Gora

When: 08.05. - 11.05.2018

Organizer: HIT Alpinea d.d.

Information: festival@hit-alpinea.si, www.festival-kg.com

Gallery of flavours in the embrace of the Alps.


All professional chef’s seeking a challange and a short getaway are welcome to apply. Meanwhile, the visitors can observe the intense competitions, visit the stands with local food and products or simply enjoy the gifts of Kranjska Gora with its surroundings.


The Kranjska Gora International Culinary Festival started 2016 in the Zgornjesavska dolina (Upper Sava Valley) under the auspices of the company Hit Alpinea.


During the two days of competition, more than forty competitors from various European countries, including Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia compete in a variety of categories.All professional chefs are allowed to participate in the competition and visitors can visit the stalls, sample culinary masterpieces and enjoy the delights of Kranjska Gora, while watching the exciting competitions unfold.


Three Chefs Dinner

The Three Chefs Dinner is an event held every year during the competition. Culinary experts present their authority over plates in one of our restaurants, accompanied by fine wines. The event is rounded off a weekend of culinary


You can find entire programme here. 


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