Red Bull Goni Pony

When:1.6.2019 / 8.00

Where: Kranjska Gora, centre

Organizer: Red Bull



Welcome to the 5th edition of Red Bull Goni Pony — the gnarliest #retro cycling race up the highest mountain pass in Slovenia. After four consecutive record breaking years the stage is set for the biggest Pony bike hillclimb ever! No gears, no carbon fiber, no surrender! Applications are open!

Who can participate?

Red Bull Goni Pony welcomes all bikers who already celebrated their 18th Birthday (born before June 1st 2001).

What are we up against?

Vršič Pass – Considered as a holly grail for any Slovenian who enjoys spinning pedals and riding on two wheels. Starting next to hotel Lek in Kranjska Gora, the 13,5 kilometres long route to the top of athe mountain pass covers 24 paved hairpins ascending 801 vertical meters and with an average incline of 10,8 %.

The Ride

Pony bike — a truly evergreen classic for many generations. The 20’ folding bicycle was introduced back in the 1960s and has became a “must have” in almost every Slovenian household.

Red Bull Goni Pony welcomes all 20-inch retro-style Pony bikes, made in the 20th century that comply with official tech specs (Click for more). In addition to the legendary bikes participants can also use Rog Pony* DOM 2017.

*Only applies for the gearless model “Pony Classic”.


You can apply to Red Bull Goni Pony via an application form on The application fee is 20 € per participant until 14th of April, 25 € until May 22nd and 50 € until May 29th.

Pre-event details

Red Bull Goni Pony registration desk opens at 8.00 AM in the centre of Kranjska Gora. Arrive in time, complete the registration and the technical check of your bike. A riders meeting will be held at 2.30 PM, Your presence is mandatory. After the meeting all participants join the convoy from Kranjska Gora to the startline on the main Vršič Road.

Due to road closure, park your vehicles on the parking area next to the ski slope.


At exactly 1500 hours the bang of the start gun signals the start. The star line is situated on the main Vršič road next to Hotel Lek.

During the race

There are four strategically positioned “pit stops” placed along the length of the climb, where refreshments, water and wiiings will be served.

Finish line and descent to the valley

This is a race — first one to cross the finish line is the overall winner. Once on top, the hard part is over right? Well, not exactly… returning safely back to Kranjska Gora is just as important as crossing the finish line! Taking the average age of our Pony bikes into account, the descent down the mountain pass should be a real adrenalin rush. Mandatory stops for cooling brakes are organised along the road.

Style is everything

There is no point breaking your body up the highest mountain pass in Slovenia on a gearless bike if you don’t do it with style! There will be style police patrolling the streets of Kranjska Gora on June 1st, rewarding the best style with a hefty prize.


Friday, May 31st 17.00 - 20. 00 Registrations & bike checks.
Saturday, June 1st ----------------
8.00 Registrations & bike checks.
12.00 Registrations closed.
12.30 - 13.30 Best Costume competition.
14.00 Riders Meeting.
14.45 Departure towards the startline.
15.00 Start!
18.45 Prize giving ceremony.
19.00 Afterparty.


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