Fire spectacle - The Hike of the Parkelj (Krampus)


Festival of the Parkelj (Krampus)


So many Parkeljs from all sorts of places you have never seen. An increasingly popular event, named by organizers The Hike of the Parkelj (Krampus) of Three Lands/Fire spectacle in Podkoren, is expected to become a real festival.

The Parkeljs are mythical creatures, terrifying black men, going from house to house frightening children. It originates from pagan times, when these evil spirits became companions and helpers of St. Nicholas: in accordance with Christian values, the saint rewarded the good children, and Parkelj (Krampus) frightened the naughty ones.

This rich and interesting tradition was turned into a proper event, slowly growing into a real international festival of Parkelj (Krampus).


When: 29.11.2019




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