Advent in Kranjska Gora


December is the most festive month in the year and the month when people dedicate more time to socializing with family and friends, to attending parties, visiting cultural events, and marvelling at the festively-decorated city centres.


This December, Kranjska Gora welcomes you with its richly adorned streets and a main square that turns into a magical Alpine village in the winter. The mountains are already snow-capped, and Christmas trees brighten up people’s homes. To keep the cold of winter at bay, we warm our hands by the fire as the air is filled with the fragrance of cinnamon, mulled wine, and other winter treats that make us smile. The icing on the cake are the many upcoming events that are sure to entice you to spend this year’s advent in this Alpine Slovenian gem. The fiery tri-regional spectacle, musical performances, après-ski parties, and theatrical performances are just a small part of the rich advent programme running from the last day in November to the longest night of the year.


alpska vasica


- Don’t miss the events of this year’s advent in Kranjska Gora where you will find something for every generation. You will have a great time at the crazy soirées, laugh in the company of stage performers, dance at après-ski parties, treat yourself with winter delicacies that smell of cinnamon, and warm yourself by the fire.








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