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Type Adults children
(2005 - 2013)
(1959 in starejši)
(1996 - 2004)
Daily ski pass 35,50πŸ›’ 21πŸ›’ 29,50 πŸ›’ 29,50 πŸ›’
Daily ski pass Kekec 24,50 18,50 21,50 21,50
Daily ski pass Brsnina 18,50 12,50 15,50 15,50
Daily ski pass Brincelj     10,00  
Ski pass for night skiing 24,50πŸ›’ 17πŸ›’ 22,50πŸ›’ 22,50πŸ›’
Ski pass from 09.00 – 13.00 30 18,50 24,50 24,50
Ski pass from 11.00 – 16.00 31,50 20 25,50 25,50
Ski pass from 12.00 – 16.00 27,50 19 24,50 24,50
Ski pass from 13.00 – 16.00 25,50 17 22 22
Ski pass from 14.00 – 16.00 21,50 14,50 19,30 19,30
2-hour Ski pass 25,50 17 22 22
2 days (with photo) 65πŸ›’ 38,50πŸ›’ 52,50πŸ›’ 52,50πŸ›’
3 days (with photo) 102πŸ›’ 65πŸ›’ 86πŸ›’ 86πŸ›’
4 days (with photo) 126πŸ›’ 80πŸ›’ 107πŸ›’ 107πŸ›’
5 days (with photo) 152πŸ›’ 97πŸ›’ 128,50πŸ›’ 128,50πŸ›’
6 days (with photo) 176πŸ›’ 113πŸ›’ 153πŸ›’ 153πŸ›’
7 days (with photo) 200πŸ›’ 125πŸ›’ 167πŸ›’ 167πŸ›’
8 days (with photo) 221πŸ›’ 140πŸ›’ 187πŸ›’ 187πŸ›’
9 days (with photo) 239πŸ›’ 147πŸ›’ 199πŸ›’ 199πŸ›’
10 days (with photo) 260πŸ›’ 160πŸ›’ 214πŸ›’ 214πŸ›’
Baby lift Kranjska Gora (younger than 10 years)   3    


  • All prices are in EUR and include 9.5% VAT. Multiple day passes include night skiing.
  • Children born in 2014 and younger ski for free with a valid ticket, which they get at the box office.
  • Children's tickets are not valid on the children's lane.
  • All types of tickets are non-transferable and will be withdrawn without misuse by the employees of the RTC Kranjska Gora d.d.
  • RTC Kranjska Gora d.d. reserves the right to change fares and change type of tickets without notice.
  • General provisions for ski passes


Skipass pricelist for ski slopes in Velika Dolina 2019/2020


Type Adults Children
(Born 2005 - 2013)
(Born 1959 or older)
(Born 1996 - 2004)
Daily Pass 24,50 17,50 20  20 
Skipass (9.00 - 13.00) 18,50 13,50 16 16
Skipass (12.00 - 16.00) 18,50 13,50 15,50 16
Children Conveyor Belt Ski Lift Velika Dolina (Children up to 10 years old) Daily Pass   3    


  • All prices are in EUR and include 9.5% VAT. Ski passes are valid on Ski lifts: Kolovrat, Bedanec, Velika dolina. Children born in 2014 and younger can ski for FREE with a valid ski pass which they can obtain at the sales desk.
  • Children passes are NOT valid on conveyor belt Velika Dolina and Kranjska Gora
  • All types of ski passes are non-transferable and are withdrawn in case of misuse without any confirmation of withdrawal from the employees of RTC Ε½ičnice Kranjska Gora d.d.. When buying youth and senior ski passes, a personal identification document must be submitted at the sales desk. The company reserves the right to change prices and types of ski passes without prior notice.
  • General terms and conditions of the company RTC Ε½ičnice Kranjska Gora d.d.

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