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Multi-day - Youth

from €56 to €217
Multi-day - Youth
from €56 to €217


Ski passes are issued on chip cards. Online prices contain a deposit of €5.00 for issuance of new chip

When ordering multi-day ski pass is mandatory to:

   - attach a photo

   - write in the notes the start and end date of desired validity of the ticket

When purchasing kids, youth and senior passes, you must present a document of identity 


 Multi-day passes price list 

 2 days


 3 days


 4 days


 5 days


 6 days


 7 days


 8 days


 9 days


 10 days


 6 days AS



Select the option to purchase
50242 days56,00 €ADD TO CART
50253 days90,00 €ADD TO CART
50264 days111,00 €ADD TO CART
50275 days132,00 €ADD TO CART
50286 days155,00 €ADD TO CART
50297 days170,00 €ADD TO CART
50308 days189,00 €ADD TO CART
50319 days201,00 €ADD TO CART
503210 days217,00 €ADD TO CART
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