Russian chapel


Artwork in memory of and as a reminder

The wooden chapel, dedicated to St. Vladimir, was built in 1917 by Russian prisoners of war in memory of the deceased during the construction of the Vršič Pass road. 


Some of the perished Russian prisoners, who built the road over Vršič, were buried in Trenta, and the majority in the common graves on Vršič and underneath it, in a stone tomb shaped like a pyramid. Next to it the surviving Russian prisoners built a memorial chapel in the Russian style, which was acquired by the Russian Matica in 1924. Ecclesiastically and legally it belongs to the Russian Orthodox parish in Belgrade and was at the time of its construction most likely the westernmost Orthodox church in the world. 

The construction of the chapel is wooden. Originally it was covered with bark, later with small boards. The humble interior shows an interesting altar with iconostasis, forged chandeliers and candlesticks. 

In the vicinity of the Russian Chapel, you can visit the graves and a stone tomb dating back to 1936–37.



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