Rateče or Klagenfurt Manuscript


Literary curiosity of Rateče.


Medieval Rateče/Klagenfurt Manuscript is the second oldest testament to Slovenian literacy after the Freising Manuscripts.


The Medieval Rateče / Klagenfurt manuscript is the second oldest testament to Slovenian literacy after the Freising Manuscripts.

It was created around 1380. It was most likely written by a German priest. It is currently held in the Klagenfurt Regional Museum. It comprises three prayers: the Lord's Prayer, Apostles' Creed, and Hail Mary. The first two are a transcript of much older templates, dating back to the beginning of the 9th century, so their age is no lesser than the texts in the Freising Manuscripts. The Hail Mary prayer is younger, as it only came about in Latin after the year 1000. The language of the manuscript is the Upper Carniolan dialect with traces of the Carinthian and Lower Carniolan dialects, for which the explanation is that immigrants from other Slovenian lands also lived in Rateče.


To see the copy of the manuscript, which includes three prayers, is a must for all interested in the development of the Slovenian language.




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