The Slovenian Alpine Museum


The mountains are calling (me) ...


The Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana is a unique Alpine and mountaineering centre in Slovenia.

Take a walk through the permanent exhibition with an exciting concept – “The way is the story, the story is the way”. The exhibition guides you from the call of the mountains and mountaineering preparations through mountain huts to the conquest of the peaks.

An information point of the Triglav National Park can be found in the ground floor, in the museum shop you can buy an original souvenir, and your children can enjoy summer workshops.



Slovenian alpine museum events


Event name Date Organizer Information
Visitors' museum-documentary exhibition - Our mountain shooters 20.1.2017 - 30.9.2017 GMJ - SPM, Gorški muzej in Društvo Soška fronta 1915 - 1917, +386 (0)8 380 67 31
Exhibition - 38. Art Colonx "Vrata 2017" 4.8.2017 - 31.12.2017 The Upper Sava Museum Jesenice, Slovenian Alpine Museum, PD Dovje-Mojstrana, +386 (0)8 380 67 31