A Gogal linden tree


The harmony of a linden tree, pine trees and people


The linden tree holds a special importance in Slovenia from the past, when the village patriarchs gathered and philosophised under the linden tree in the centre of the village, and the linden trees also stood beside the churches and signs.

One of the mightiest linden trees, actually a large-leaved linden tree, stands in front of the Gogal Homestead No. 10 in Zgornja Radovna. At 25 m high, its trunk measures a magnificent 6.42m. Regardless of the estimated age of 500 years (!), the linden tree’s crown is lush and without any dry branches. The tree is enclosed by one higher pine tree and four smaller pine trees to keep it company.

See the large-leaved linden tree in the spring, when it bursts into leaf, blooms and has a lovely aroma. This wonderful tree is a part of the Slovenian tree natural heritage.



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