Belca Gorge


Your dream walk!


If you enjoy trails where you can see the cattle grazing on summer pastures, the long Belca gorge is your dream route. The nice forest road brings you to the Jepca Pass in 2 to 3 hours and then towards the 2,143m high Karavanke top of Kepa.

The wider valley narrows shortly after the beginning of the trails and becomes a narrow rocky gorge, where you cannot see the stream as much as you can hear it, as it runs deep under the rocky overhangs. If you follow the road, you can step foot into Belca, when the water and the road meet on the same level. The road first leads through forest clearings, where the farmers used to herd the cattle to summer pastures. The entire time you are tempted by the view of Kepa before you, and in the second part of the valley you can admire the Julian Alps behind your back.



Logotip Julijske Alpe

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