Kot Valley


Every corner of this valley is beautiful.


If you want a relatively quick and moderately demanding access to Triglav, your choice is the Kot (Corner) Valley.

From here, you can reach the Stanič mountain cabin in only 4 hours. A 3-kilometre-long forest road from Mojstrana leads to the Kot Valley, and at the end of the valley there is the Lengarjev rovt meadow at an altitude of 1,000m.


There is no mountain cabin in the Kot Valley, mountaineers can only find shelter in the hayloft in the Lengarjev rovt meadow. In the upper gable-like part of the glacial valley you can admire the rock faces of the Rjavina (2,532m), Luknja peč(2,245m) and Vrbanova špica mountains (2,408m).



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