Zelenci natural reserve


Emerald green: Zelenci natural reserve


“There is nothing more beautiful in Europe than this,” wrote Sir Humphry Davy about the beauties of the Sava Valley with its waterfalls and lakes.


The Zelenci Lake can be discovered immediately after the village of Podkoren on the southern side of the main road. This natural reserve is home to various interesting flora, among it carnivorous sundew, and among animals, amphibiansand nesting birds are represented in large numbers.

It is situated at the northern edge of the Triglav National Park, bordered in the south by the forested Vitranc, and equally wooded Karavanks in the north. The swamp with Drni moorland is around 1200 metres long and 150 metres wide on average, with around 200 metres in the widest part and mere twenty in the narrowest.

In the far western part of the swamp lies the emerald green lake, from which numerous extremely clean and cold stream emerge from the layers of marl, which gives the water its characteristic blue-green colour. It is because of this colour that the lake and the swamp were named Zelenci (green).

Zelenci do not freeze in the winter, their constant temperature throughout the year is about 6°C. Zelenci and their surroundings were declared a natural reserve by the decree of Jesenice municipality in 1992.


Following a wooden footbridge, you can walk to the lake and around the swamps without harming nature. An unforgettable green experience.



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