Karavanke Mountains


Karavanke Mountains = a convoy of mountains


The Karavanke Mountains got their name from the typical east-west direction of ridges and valleys, which follow like a convoy.


In the Karavanke we can find steep slopes, panoramic peaks, mountains, valleys, gorges, waterfalls, a diverse flora and fauna, rich nature and a preserved cultural heritage. The unspoiled nature and the distinctiveness of the flora and fauna make them an integral part of the Natura 2000 area.

The mountains and hills with the regulated hiking and mountaineering trails, suitable for easy hikes or more demanding ascends offer diverse opportunities for active spending of free time for various target groups. The Karavanke are the ideal choice for short escapes into nature as well as for a few-days of walking and resting.


The beautiful Karavanke peak of Kepa (2,143 m) can be climbed from more directions right from the Upper Sava Valley.