Mount Triglav


Kingdom of the Goldhorn


Since 1895, when Triglav was bought by the priest of Dovje Jakob Aljaž to protect it against Germanization, it is the symbol of the Slovenian identity, and after the independence of Slovenia also a symbol of Slovenia.

The 2864-metre-high peak of Triglav can be climbed from the VrataKot and Krma Valleys, from Trenta, Pokljuka and Bohinj. The shortest trail to Triglav is from the Vrata Valley, but the easiest and the longest is the 7-kilometre-long trail through the Krma Valley.


At the top of the mountain, the Aljaž Tower awaits you. This metal cylindrical tower, which was declared a cultural and historical monument, was brought by Aljaž’s friends to the top of Mount Triglav in 1895.



Logotip Julijske Alpe

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