The Triglav northern wall


Training for the Himalayas


The Triglav northern wall is one of the mightiest walls in the Julian Alps. Being 3,000 m wide and 1,000 m high with around 100 Alpinistic routes it is one of the most popular and visited walls in the Julian Alps.

Mountaineers especially praise the routes over the Čop pillar, Sphinx and Goldhorn's shelvesFree-climbers can try out the crest called ‘Raz Mojstranških veveric’.


All of you who are at least a little fit can visit the 1,758-metre-high Luknja (Hole) on the western side of the Triglav northern wall. You will feel the energy of an ancient passage between the valleys of the Sava and Soča Rivers.



Logotip Julijske Alpe

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