Martuljek waterfalls


Two fantastic waterfalls!


Under the Špik Mountain you will find two waterfalls – pearls of the Slovenian Alpine world. The Upper Martuljek waterfall is especially spectacular, as it descends in three levels over 110m of vertical wall. The trail to it is fairly easy, but the trail to the vicinity of the waterfall is only suitable for well-equipped mountaineers! Afterwards the creek continues its path over the Jasenje Mountain and as the Lower Martuljek waterfall falls over the 50m high wall into a 400m long and narrow gorge, formed in limestone – the Martuljek Gorge. We recommend a visit to both waterfalls in the late spring, when they are the most abundant due to the melting snow.


A wonderful trip is complemented by home-made food from a well-known ‘Pri Ingotu’ cabin and a visit to the charcoal pile on the way.



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