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Top 10 sights

Ajdovska deklica

Heathen Maiden (Ajdovska deklica)

One of the works of art formed by nature can be found along the way to Vršič.

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Jezero Jasna

Lake Jasna

Before the first road bends to Vršič, stop for a short break at the Jasna Lake.

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Nordjski center Planica

Nordic Centere Planica

Within the framework of the Centre, 7 new ski jumping hills were built.

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Slovenski planinski muzej

The Slovenian Alpine Museum

Walk through the permanent exhibition with an exciting concept “The way is the story, the story is the way”.

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Vršič Pass

Vršič Mountain Pass with its 1,611m is the highest road pass in the Eastern Julian Alps.

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Slap Peričnik

Peričnik Waterfall

Peričnik Waterfall with its 52m one of the highest among Slovenian waterfalls.

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Martuljški slapovi

Martuljek Waterfalls

Under the Špik Mountain you will find two waterfalls.

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Ruska kapelica

The Russian Chapel

The wooden chapel was built in 1917 by Russian prisoners of war.

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Tromeja (triple border)

Tromeja is a 1,508m high peak, located at the triple border between Slovenia, Italy and Austria.

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Zelenci natural reserve

The Zelenci Lake can be discovered immediately after the village of Podkoren on the southern side of the main road.

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Logotip Julijske Alpe

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