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Dovje and Belca


Idyllic villages below the Karavanke Mountains


Dovje is a village with a thousand-year-old history, rural tradition and the best preserved typical Alpine architecture. See the arched stone doors in farmhouses and their hip roofs. Admire the carefully cultivated terraced fields below the village.


Take a deep breath of the village of Dovje’s healing atmosphere. Also, the memory of priest Aljaž is still alive here. If you are planning the tour to the Karavanke Mountains, the village of Dovje is your ideal base camp.


At Belca, not far from Mojstrana, you can still see cattle grazing freely on the mountain pastures in the hamlet of Podkuže. Do not miss the very picturesque walk along the forest path along the Belca Stream with its disappearing waterfalls! In the area west of the village larches with dense annual rings grow, which are used in the making of the Bled pletna boats.


Enter through the stone arches of the so called “Dovška vratca” (Dovška door).




Logotip Julijske Alpe

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