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Starting point for the Julian Alps and a charming accommodation base


Former mining and ironwork settlement, today Mojstrana is most well-known for its excellent Alpine climbers and skiers, since as many as 18 Slovenian Olympians were born in Mojstrana or its immediate surroundings.

Since Mojstrana is situated at the starting point of the Triglav National Park, there are three wonderful Alpine valleys leading from here into the heart of the Julian Alps. The Krma Valley offers the easiest access to the Triglav Mountain, the Kot Valley captivates us with its tranquility, and the Vrata Valley surprises us with the mighty Triglav northern face.


Mojstrana has always been associated with mountaineering. The first guide service was established as early as around the year 1800. With the arrival of Jakob Aljaž (1845-1927), who came to Dovje as a parish priest, and with the railroad the tourist activity and the mountaineering associated with it increased. Aljaž bought the Triglav peak in 1895 for a symbolic price and with that achieved that the mountain remained the property of Slovenians and not the German Alpenverein, who wanted ownership of it.


Visiting the Slovenian Alpine Museum is a must! And all lovers of sacred art and ancient Alpine architecture should take at least two days to visit Mojstrana.




Logotip Julijske Alpe

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