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Upper Sava Valley


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To the north, the edge of the Karavanke mountains, to the south the Julian Alps. To the east Jesenice, and to the west the watershed of Sava and Zilja rivers. Fresh summers, cold winters. Vast forests of coniferous trees and larches, and mountain pines above the tree line. Chamoise, deer and rabbits among the wild animals can be found here, and grouse and birds of prey among mountain birds.


The Upper Sava Valley, one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys, lies in the north-westernmost part of Slovenia, right next to the tri-border with Austria and Italy.

In the north it is bordered by the circumference of the Karavanks, and the Julian Alps in the south. In the east the border runs under Jesenice, where the Upper Sava Valley opens into the Radovljice basin, and on the west along the watershed between the Sava and Zilja river basins, west of Rateče.

10 settlements grew on the more distinct and fertile hills on the Karavanks side with a relatively more favourable climate due to its sunny position. Due to the mountain climate and limited farming area the Valley itself was settled late; the oldest settlements didn't grow until the 11th century.


The Upper Sava Valley is full of ethnographic jewels, as well as modern adrenaline sports. Quiet and secluded on one hand, home to vibrant social events on the other. The Upper Sava Valley has always been and will always be a treasure for which you have to take time and see it from all sides, in all seasons and with all its adventures.


For a start, obtain the map of the Upper Sava Valley at the Kranjska Gora Tourist Information Centre.




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