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Zgornja Radovna


A beautiful tree by the mountain stream


Zgornja Radovna lies in the area of the Triglav National Park along the Radovna Stream, in which the waters from the Alpine glacial valleys of Krma and Kot flow. Homesteads are scattered through the valley, therefore the walk itself through Radovna is a unique experience in itself.

Visit the Gogala homestead that is home to an over four-hundred-year-old linden tree. Proceed to the Pocar homestead, which was turned into an ethnographic museum with frescoes and an authentic interior. Near the Psnak homestead, see the well-preserved Psnak beehive, with the Psnak sawmill and water mill a little lower down.

If after this walk you still have enough energy, you can go on a beautiful trip to the Julian Alps, you will get closer to them than anywhere else.


An old linden tree tells stories from ancient times...




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