Rezervirajte sada!

Rezervirajte sada!



  • Ski passes can be purchased at sales desks in cash, debit (BA Maestro, Karanta) and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Activa, American Express ...).
  • The sale and control of ski passes is via computer-controlled cash registers and magnetic readers. At checkpoints, visitors are required to show their ski passes without or with an authorised person’s call.
  • Worsening of weather, fog, wind, closing ski slopes, interruption or stopping the operation of individual devices are not reasons for the refund or the extension of validity of ski passes.
  • The system of checking ski passes on ski slopes, managed by the company RTC Žičnica Kranjska Gora, is carried out under videosurveillance, and we also draw attention to this at the ski pass sales desks and ski lift entering points. By purchasing a ski pass, the purchaser got acquainted with this fact.
  • By conducting video surveillance of ski pass control, we do not interfere with the privacy of visitors and users of our ski slopes, but only compare video transmissions of individual ski passes based on the serial number of each ski pass, taking into account the statutory provisions of the ZVOP (Personal Data Protection Act).

Recommendations to visitors who do not know the ski resort Kranjska Gora:

-  monitor weather and operating conditions of the ski resort, before purchasing ski passes,

- become acquainted with the procedures for withdrawal of a ski pass in case of misuse, before purchasing ski passes,

- before going to the ski slopes, check the information board and choose ski slopes that are suitable for your knowledge and skills,

- prepare yourself and be properly equipped for coming to the ski resort. 




  • In the event of injury of the skier, at the intervention of the rescuers at the ski resort, the company refunds the unused portion of the purchase price of a term ski pass, based on the medical certificate. The purchase price is refunded from the following day onwards. The company does not refund money for ski passes in case of illness.
  • In the event of bad weather, lack of snow or failure of the ski lift service for more than two days, we will refund an unused portion of the purchase price from the purchase of ski passes.
  • The refund is not made to the companion of the injured skier, who, together with the injured, left the ski resort prematurely.
  • In case of injury of the holder of a season ski pass with a photo before 15 January, the company recognizes a 50% discount on purchasing new season ski pass in the following season. In case of injury after 15 January, the company does not recognize any discount.
  • The purchased hourly and daily ski passes cannot be returned with a request for a refund. The company does not recognize any compensation for lost ski passes.



  • Ski passes are non-transferable, with the exception of transferable season ski passes. 
  • Once the ski pass is purchased, the validity cannot be changed. 
  • Attempting to or abusing a ski pass and violating rules for safe skiing are grounds for immediate withdrawal of the ski pass. The official person of the company is authorised to withdraw the ski pass. A ski pass is taken on the basis of a confirmation of withdrawal of the ski pass. 
  • All employees of RTC Žičnica Kranjska Gora d.d. are authorised to withdraw a ski pass in case of misuse of the ski pass. The ski pass is taken without confirmation of withdrawal. 
  • Ski pass users with age discounts are required to prove their entitlements with a proof of legitimacy (discount card, student card, personal identity card…) 
  • In case of misuse of a ski pass, the offender is obliged to pay for a ski pass according to the regular price list for ski passes for the current season. 
  • The company reserves the right to criminal complaint against the offender in the event of misuse or violation of the order or rules for safe skiing or report the offender to the Misdemeanour Judge.
  • In the event of misuse of a ski pass, the offender who is involved in the accident is obliged to pay the rescue expenses.


Each ski pass has been defined for its validity. Depot ski passes, which were purchased either in advance or in advance in regular sale, have the validity period indicated at the bottom of the ski pass (15.04 + year of validity).




  • Term (from 2 to 10 days), season and official season ski passes are not valid without a photograph of the holder.  
  • Any lost season ski pass can be replaced by paying the replacement cost of EUR 5.00. The ski pass is replaced when the invoice is submitted. 
  • Term (from 2 - 10 days), season and transferable ski passes are valid for night skiing.
  • Children under 6 years of age (born after 1 September), in ski clubs, schools and courses with a coach or a leader of some kind, need a valid child ski pass. 
  • Children under 6 years of age (born after 1 September) can ski without a ski pass only if at least one adult accompanies them and use the equipment and ski pass controls together with the adult. Children up to 6 years of age, using equipment independently, are treated as children above 6 years of age and need a valid ski pass. 
  • A discounted price is valid for seniors over 60 years of age, children from 6 to 14.99 years of age, disabled, and youth, upon presentation of appropriate proof of age or status; discounted price is valid for those types of ski passes, which are specially marked in the price list. 
  • Ski passes are only valid with the proof of age or status.  
  • RTC Kranjska Gora may refuse to issue a ski pass on the basis of a purchase order or a voucher of its contractual partners in case of outstanding obligations in previous seasons. 
  • Only public educational institutions such as schools, kindergartens, and faculties are eligible for purchase or use of ski passes at the price for school groups…



  • RTC Kranjska Gora charges for every advertisement on facilities, devices and parking lots in accordance with the price list. An arbitrary advertisement on buildings, devices and parking lots is charged EUR 500.00+VAT per advertisement. Cleansing of adhesives or labels is charged at the double price of cleaning. 
  • If the company finds that the guest has damaged a ski lift or any other device on the ski slope, the perpetrator or his guardian is obliged to compensate the damage. The company reserves the right to initiate criminal prosecution for damage to foreign property and to the threat of transport safety. Until the final determination of the amount of damage, the company may require the causer to deposit EUR 250.00 or keep the causer’s ski equipment. 
  • The company reserves the right to deny access to the ski resort to individuals and groups due to their past violations of the rules of conduct or safe skiing. The company denies access to ski lifts and ski slopes to intoxicated persons, people under the influence of drugs and people who behave improperly. The company is not responsible for them and for their actions.
  • Smoking is prohibited on all ski lifts, as well as the use of open fire and dumping of cigarettes and litter (due to the danger of fire on the ski lift route).



  • During the ski season, the company can exclude from operation particular ski lifts and ski slopes for technical, organisational, economic or natural reasons. Reduced offer is not a reason for discount on fares!


  • It is forbidden to carry children and pets in backpacks or chest on surface lifts. 
  • In chairlifts, the transport of children up to 6 years is allowed on the lap. Responsibility for safety in such transport shall be carried by an accompanying adult.


  • Group leaders and coaches are obliged to ensure the safe skiing of the group they run. 
  • In case of dangerous group management, the company prohibits the continuation of skiing in the ski resort, without refund of the purchase price - ski passes are withdrawn from the group. 
  • The holder of the ski pass shall be insured against any personal injury or damage to the equipment or cargo on all ski lifts and ski slopes, if the damage is caused by the fault or negligence of the ski lift operator. 
  • The company does not assume any liability for personal injury resulting from non-compliance: skiing conditions, number of visitors, weather, snow quality, unadjusted skiing, non-observance of the FIS rules, signs and instructions of the operator of the ski lifts, inadequate fitness, lack of sports equipment, skiing under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc. 
  • The condition for any claim for damages/injury to the company is the submission of a valid ski pass on the day of the damage/injury and the rescue service accident record. 
  • We recommend the skiers of Kranjska Gora to carry with them a health insurance card and a card for voluntary health insurance. In the event of injury at the ski resort, a possible ambulance transport to a hospital that can only be carried out by an authorised healthcare institution is free of charge, only for insured persons with compulsory and voluntary insurance, which can be proved by both documents. For the rest of the injured, the transport is charged at the transporter’s price list, that is, the Health Centre Jesenice. 
  • In the event of causing an accident at the ski resort, the company reserves the right to initiate a criminal or a misdemeanour procedure.



  • Parking and use of parking spaces is free - drivers are obliged to follow the instructions of the park attendants. 
  • It is strictly forbidden to park on all access roads and private land.
  • The company assumes no responsibility for the parked vehicles.



  • The organizer of the event or competition in the ski resort is obliged to notify this at least 7 days in advance at the administrative unit of Jesenice, the department for administrative internal affairs. The organizer must obtain prior permission from the operator of the ski resort (consent) for the use of the ski resort, which can be obtained by ASK Kranjska Gora, and a part of the permit must be handed over to the operator on the ski lift before the start of the activity. 
  • The organizer of the event, training and competition must, at his own expense, with his own officers, insure the part of the ski resort used for events, training or competition, and physically separate it from the recreational areas. 
  • Before organizing an event, the organizer must provide his own emergency service, a doctor, and security staff. Insurance of competitors and participants of the event is recommended. 
  • The organizers of competitions, trainings or other events that require inclusion of any of the devices on the ski slope outside the regular operating hours of the ski resort are obliged, like all others, to provide an emergency service, a doctor and security staff at their own expense.
  • Ski schools at the ski resort in Kranjska Gora can only be performed by subjects that have previously obtained the consent of the operator for the implementation of a ski school. All those who do not have this consent, will be removed from the ski resort, and will be punished by taking away all the ski passes and reported to the appropriate inspection.


  • The skier is obliged to follow the directions of the security staff, the ski lift workers and the snow patrol on the ski slope; the provisions of all warning notice tables on the ski slope and the FIS rules must also be taken into account.
  • IT IS FORBIDDEN to ski in contrary to the FIS rules, the provisions of law on safety at public ski slopes and to push one’s way into queues. Breaching these rules may be punished by immediate withdrawal of the ski pass without compensation. The official person of the company is authorized to withdraw the ski pass
  • IT IS FORBIDDEN to ski along closed slopes marked with the symbol »SKIING PROHIBITED« and on terrains, which are sealed with a signal string, tape or net. 
  • ABSOLUTE PROHIBITION applies to passage through protective fences, with or without skis, as they limit the ski slopes from gaps and various types of (including snow) overlays, obstacles and dangerous places.
  • It is also forbidden to ski in the forest and dwarf pine. 
  • Each skier must select the skiing ground according to his ski skills and abilities. In the event that the authorised person of the company finds that the user of the ski resort does not ski well enough for the selected slope, we reserve the right to remove such a skier from the slope. In the event that an extraordinary transport is needed for removal from the ski slopes, the skier is obliged to reimburse the costs of extraordinary transport. 
  • Rescue and first aid service work throughout the opening times of the ski lift devices and can be called from all marked locations. Rescuers only control organised ski and open ski slopes. Rescue and first aid on closed ski slopes and outside of the organised ski slopes are charged to the injured person in the amount of EUR 250.00+VAT. 
  • Skiing along the trails of the surface lifts is not allowed. The trail of the surface lifts can only be crossed at specially marked places.
  • Walking and sledding are not allowed on ski slopes. 
  • Driving with snowmobiles over ski slopes is not allowed.
  • The skier must be prepared to meet a snow groomer or a snowmobile on an emergency ride on a ski slope.
  • Recommendations for safe skiing are a substantive part of the operating conditions of the RTC Žičnice Kranjska Gora d.d .

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