Alpine yoga

When: 22.7.2017 / 17.30h

Where: Kranjska Gora, Ramada Resort Hotel

Organizer: Ana Pirih

Information:, 031 416 180 / Wellness Špik 04 587 75 80

Booking necessary!

Exercises will be held on Saturdays on the terace above the pool at Ramada Resort Hotel at 17.30. *

* In the event of bad weather, the exercise moves under the roof.


For all exercises, you must first apply to mail or by telephone 031 416 180. For the applications you will also be able to reach the reception of Wellness Špik - 04 587 75 80.


The exercise will be led by Ana Pirih, a lincented teacher of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, who will adapt yoga to all levels. Yoga pillows, masonry and blankets will be provided.


For more information about exercises, prices, locations and yoga, please contact or 041 416 180.


You are invited to join us in the summer yoga refreshment and adventure in Kranjska Gora and Gozd Martuljek.