Dinner of 3 lands

When: 19.7.2017 / 18.00h

Where: Ramada Hotel & Suites Kranjska Gora

Organizer: HIt Alpinea d.d.

Information: info@hit-alpinea.si / 00386 4 588 48 20

Price: 39,00 EUR per person

Experience the connection between three different regions, their cultures and most of all their culinary styles.

In three hours you will be taken on a unique journey, introduced to region’s specific culinary characteristics, which share not just the border, but flavours and ways of preparing dishes.

Wednesday, 19.7.2017 at 18.00. 


Info & reservations: 
T: 00386 4 588 48 20
E: info@hit-alpinea.si

W: www.hit-alpinea.si


Ramada Hotel & Suites Kranjska Gora
Aperitif at 18.00
Departure to Tarvisio at 18.15


Alte Hütte Tarvisio
Warm starter at 18.40

The Trbiž Tris
Asparagus, mushroom or radicchio omelette
Roll with aubergines, fresh ricotta and parmesan
Potato gnocchi with melted butter and smoked ricotta

Departure to Arnoldstein at 19.20


Wallnerwirt Restaurant Arnoldstein
Main course at 19.40

Onion braciola with fried onion,
beans with bacon and baked potatoes or
Fillet of char and Buttered potatoes

Departure to Kranjska Gora at 20.30


Ramada Hotel & Suites Kranjska Gora
Dessert at 21.00

Walnut cake in “vanilla soup”